Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions.

Pro Ultrasonics already helps many specialty business industries requiring a professional grade, ultrasonic cleaning process for anything from new manufactured parts, to tooling, molds, metal finishing and equipment maintenance. Our equipment is designed to universally handle low or high washing volumes, large and small pieces, and remove virtually any residue from the finished product, leaving a precision cleaned part.

In some cases, we’ve even taken steps to specially equip our ultrasonic machines to meet a client’s unique requirements. If your business requires the precision cleaning of parts, tools or materials, chances are Pro Ultrasonics either has the perfect cleaning machine already in stock to meet your needs, or we can easily configure one to your specifications. We’ll even design custom machines to fit you specific requirements including multiple tanks and automation.

Regardless of whether you are a medical device manufacturer, an aerospace engineer or a manufacturer of industrial machine parts, Pro Ultrasonics will provide you with the right washer and supplies to help you do your job with confidence! Check out our equipment profiles and specialized industry pages for more information, and please don’t hesitate to call us at 828-584-1005, email us at, or fill out our convenient inquiry form so a representative can assist you directly.