Ultrasonic Cleaning for Firearms

For those of you who own firearms, you know that it is a considerable investment that you want to protect.  When it comes to cleaning guns, nothing beats the cavitating action of ultrasonic waves.  Cleaning with ultrasonics allows for the complete removal of powder residues, lubricants, and bullet shavings.  The washers are able to completely remove all contaminants that are almost impossible to remove using any other method of manual cleaning.  It is quick and easy for an amateur or serious shooter and very profitable for gun shops.

To clean your weapon you need to disassemble the firearm following the manufacturers’ instructions.  Set aside wood and plastic parts.  Use a brush to remove any loose dirt and grime and place in the washer’s basket.  After cleaning and lubricating, wipe the firearm down with a cleaning cloth and you’ll be ready for reassembly.

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