Ultrasonic Cleaning Is Ideal For Motorsports Parts

Our cars and bikes get dirty enough from normal commuting; for the professional driver/rider it’s a completely different story.  Motorcycles come out of a race caked with mud and dirt.  Normal cleaning products and methods are long and tedious and can’t come close to the type of clean ultrasonic cleaning provides.  Those in the industry know that a thorough cleaning of the engine and other parts is essential for optimal performance.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the utilization of mechanical sound waves; this high frequency sound creates cavitation bubbles that implode as they form.  This process penetrates the surface to create a deep clean that gets dirt and grime out of any crevice or pore in the part.  It does not damage, scratch or tarnish the part in any way.

On top of being very quick and thorough, ultrasonic cleaning uses water or solvents, not harmful chemicals or products that emit harsh, noxious fumes.  With this type of cleaning, you can have your parts cleaned in a small period of time, and will get a much more thorough cleaning than any other type of cleaning method. By using ultrasonic cleaning, you will be saving time, money, and will be guaranteeing your parts are thoroughly cleaned.