Don’t Take Our Word For It… Listen to one of our many Satisfied Customers

This is just a small list of our happy customers; more than 5,000 use our machines to improve their cleaning process!

“I’m just so happy with that piece of machinery, it’s unbelievable! What used to take me a day or two now takes me 20 minutes. I’ve been doing this for 40 years, and I wish I’d gotten one years ago! I kick myself because I’d just bought a new jet-spray cabinet, but now that I see what this thing can do, I wish I’d bought a bigger ultrasonic machine with that money!”

“It’s a no-brainer if you’re a small shop, with the time savings. How fast it does something, people can’t believe it! It takes me 20 minutes to do a carburetor, and that used to take me a day and a half! Customer feedback has been all positive; everything I clean with it works great. The end results are definitely satisfying, no doubt about it. The parts just shine and gleam, with no extra work! Definitely the greatest invention I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve tried all kinds of goofy things I find around the shop – tried a pair of old safety goggles all covered in grime, and in 5 minutes, they’re totally clean. I say ‘check this out’ and show everybody who comes in – we can’t believe how clean the grimy things come out. Even parts with delicate metal mesh that my old chemical would’ve eaten up, it comes out in perfect condition, doesn’t harm delicate parts at all. Guess there’s nothing you can’t put in there; it seems to work on anything!”

“If you could show people what this thing does, they’d be in awe at how fast it does what it does, and with the nicest, freshest smelling soap instead of vile, nasty chemicals – it’s like magic!”

Joe Madejczyk, Automotive Machine & Welding in New Lisbon, WI, uses a Pro 1911 since Feb. 2020. (608) 562-6072

Mike Beck, 2019 Tractor Pull Champion, wins races using a Pro Ultrasonics Pro3624 ultrasonic cleaning system to clean his engine blocks!

Mike Beck, Beck’s Farm Equipment – (419) 572-1960 – htr@rtecexpress.net

“I’m an engine builder, and our goal is to make everything as clean as possible during the assembly process. I’ve done all kinds of research and tried different things to do my job better. When I got this ultrasonic cleaner, I found that the pots come out of there impeccably clean.

Cleaning has always been a major question. With spray cleaners, you’re limited to how clean you can get it. Media blasting takes time, and you still have to deal with the media left in there. With ultrasonic cleaning, what I’m seeing is you get the best of all worlds. I personally use the ultrasonic cleaner as a final wash.

When you put your parts in the ultrasonic cleaner, because of the ultrasonic waves and agitation, it gets them up to temperature and opens up all the pores and attacks all the dirt you can’t get at. When it comes out of there, it’s just sparkling clean. I’m amazed with it! Now I’m able to deliver a better product. And it takes me less time to get there.”

Bob Mason, Sept. 2019 – Mason’s Automotive & Mason’s Racing Engines, No. Scituate, RI – www.masonsautomotive.com  www.masonsracing.com
Uses a Pro 4230 machine – Mr. Mason’s happy to talk with anyone researching ultrasonic cleaning! Call him at (401) 527-5034.

“I’ve had my machine for several years and love it as much as the day I got it!”

Charlie Morgan, Nov. 2019 – Morgan and Son, Valdese, NC

“Our system is still working quite well. We couldn’t do without it. We thank you for building such a good machine.”

Larry Widmer, Sept. 2019 – Endyn Energy Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX –  http://theoldone.com/
Uses a Pro 3624 machine since 2004!

“My unit is still working great!  In fact, I have other small operators in the area coming to my shop to use my ultrasonic cleaner!”

Jim Kenyon, Sept. 2019 – Power Sports Machine & Performance, Chillicothe, IL
Uses a Pro 1911 machine since 2012

“Still love my machine!!! I’m a small shop so I probably will never wear it out.”

Ryan Gutile, Sept. 2019 – FlyinRyan Motorsports, Madera, CA
Uses a Pro 3624 machine since 2017

“I wish I’d purchased a Pro Ultrasonics washer five years ago! I used an antiquated method for cleaning bicycle parts and it would sometimes take up to 40 minutes. My new Pro Ultrasonics washer has them ready in 15 minutes, they never have to be run a second time, and there’s no scrubbing or lubricating needed afterward. This machine isn’t just good….it’s great!”

– Taylor KeatonTrek Bicycle Store • St. Augustine, FL • (904) 342-0453

Goodwin Competition was featured in the March 2017 Engine Builder Magazine for their outstanding racing engines. Goodwin uses a Pro Ultrasoincs 3624 unit to ensure the best precision clean for all parts involved.

https://www.circuitbreaker.com/• Omro, WI • (920) 685-3000

“We bought the ultrasonic cleaner thinking we might use it once a month. We use it 4 times a week, and it paid for itself in the first 3 months!”

Speedsport Tuning, CT

Picture of aluminum head – Before (Top Portion) and After (Bottom Portion)

Photo taken by Kevin Tucker, Head Solutions

“This machine saves us a lot of time. What use to take 45 minutes to an hour on more can now be done in this machine in 15 minutes or less. That time is now spent on other Production Activities. This machine literally will pay for itself in a little over one year!! How many machines can do that? “

Mike Briley, Circuit Breaker Sales, Nuclear sites
Perfect for cleaning high-tech, nuclear operational components.

www.circuitbreaker.com• 940-665-4444 • Gainesville TX

“Cylinder Heads can be dirty, nasty, carboned up. Set them in there, push the button, let it run, pull them out, they’re beautiful. Oily, greasy, doesn’t matter.”

– Kevin Pranger, Mobil 1

“The cleaner we purchased from you has been such a time saver. It does a fantastic job, lets us actually ‘set it and forget it,’ and it’s all done and sparkly clean.”

– MaryAncient City Cycles • St. Augustine, FL • (904) 342-.0453

“For cleaning we mainly use Pro Ultrasonic machines. We clean motorcycle parts, car parts, all of our parts, and I wouldn’t just say they are good but they are extra good.”

– Orville Green, Greens Motorcycle SalvageGreensCycleSalvage.Com• 270-879-8979
Specializing in late model rebuildable street motorcycles!

“Our Pro Ultrasonics cleaner makes all the difference in the quality and appearance of the engines we build. Nothing, NOTHING, cleans parts and assemblies so completely!”

Mike Verona, KWS Motorsportswww.kwsmotorsports.com • 843-552-7177

“We use it religiously on a regular basis and I swear by this unit. There’s nothing I’ve put in it that didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.”

Barry Lloyd, Godfrey Racing Engines

“Clean horn, happy customer!”

– Steven Lewis

If you are a satisfied Pro Ultrasonics customer and would like to drop us a line or share a before/after photo we’d love to hear your story!
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