Supplies & Accessories

The Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Supplies Available.

Pro Ultrasonics offers a comprehensive line-up of ultrasonic cleaning solutions and machine supplies. All materials are designed to complement the Pro Ultrasonics machine inventory and make your ultrasonic cleaning process go smoothly and efficiently.

Baskets #1Baskets and racks to fit any part(s), all stainless steel – coated if needed with plasti-coat or Teflon. Need compartments or special fixturing?, no problem.
SoapAqueous ultrasonic chemistries specific to contaminants needing removal, three chemistry labs available for testing and formulations.
FiltersFilter elements available in various sizes and densities.
Oil SkimmerAuxiliary oil skimmer available for all filtration models, easy conversion.
filtration-unitFiltration Unit
GlovesHeavy duty gloves for handling baskets and parts.