• Upcoming Event Schedule

    Pro Ultrasonics travels an extensive circuit of specialized industry shows and is also frequently asked to present on our unique ultrasonic equipment.

    Here’s our most current event and appearance line up:

    We’re exhibiting in Booth #822 at the AeroDef show in Fort Worth, TX, March 17-18

    See us at Booth #332 at D2P Atlanta, the region’s largest design and contract manufacturing show, March 25-26.

    In May, we’ll be exhibiting at D2P Nashville.

    In June, we’ll be exhibiting at MDM in New York.

    In October, we’ll be exhibiting at NBAA.

    In December, we’ll be exhibiting at PRI.

  • PRI Show Started New Year with a Bang!

    Happy New Year & thank you to all the new customers & everyone who made the 2019 PRI show so successful! We met lots of new customers and heard wonderful things from existing customers.

    Call us asap if you’re still thinking about getting one of these time-saving/money-saving machines this year! We will continue to post “special” discounts throughout the New Year, so be sure to Like and Follow us on Facebook!

    Thanks again, from all of us at Pro Ultrasonics. 828-237-1735

  • Upcoming Westec Show

    Come see us in person at the Westec Show in Long Beach, California! We will have live demonstrations of our quality units and show you how you can get an effortless, pristine clean every time!

    Booth #822, Come See Us!

    See some of our units HERE and then check them out live at the show!

    Click Here to see what else the Westec Show offers and register to attend.

    Make plans to come see us, we can’t wait to meet you!

    Westec Show
  • Before and After: an ultrasonic cleaning

    A picture is worth 1,000 words…… and certainly worth citing as proof of the effectiveness of our ultrasonic cleaning units!

    You can see the drastic difference in this aluminum head before (top) and after (bottom) it was cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaning unit. Night and Day!

    Before and After an ultrasonic cleaning

    Click Here to read some other reviews of our units.

  • What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

    Ultrasonic cleaning is an innovative process that uses ultrasound to agitate a fluid. The high frequency sound waves create cavitation bubbles which cause the agitation. This agitation creates forces that loosen and remove dirt and other contaminants from a number of materials (such as metal, plastics, glass, and rubber.)

    This process is so effective in part because it penetrates holes, cracks and crevices both seen and unseen. Parts cleaning by hand is very time consuming, tedious, and ineffective. This process allows a more thorough cleaning as the entire part is totally submerged and the ultrasonic agitation can work through the entire part, crevices and all. Cleaning can be done with only water, or a solvent can be added for certain materials or contaminants to increase effectiveness.

    The process is very fast and efficient. A cycle typically lasts about 3-6 minutes, but depending on the object to be cleaned can exceed 20 minutes. The part being cleaned, in many cases doesn’t even require disassembly! This entire process can save you loads of time and effort, and is even eco-friendly!

    Contact us today to learn more or to get specific information on how our units can help you get cleaner parts today!