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Soap / Supplies

Pro 100GD

General purpose ultrasonic soap, aerospace-approved, aqueous, non-hazardous solution. Rinses clean, leaves parts sparkling. SDS Sheet available upon request.

Available in these sizes:
6-gallon case (box of six 1-gallon bottles)
55-gallon drum (FREE shipping!)

Pro 300 Mix

Premium ultrasonic soap for the toughest jobs, preferred for automotive applications. Aqueous, non-hazardous solution. SDS Sheet available upon request.

Available in these sizes:
6-gallon case
55-gallon drum (FREE shipping!)

Other Ultrasonic Soaps:

Pro 200HD – aggressive, for cast iron

Pro 250 – rust & scale remover

Pro 400Mix

Pro Mold cleaning

Pro Tooling – won’t leach cobalt

Pro Citric Acid

Pro RP – rust preventative

Pro 1990GD – for spray wash cabinets


Ultrasonic units with filtration typically use 2 filters, filtering 1 micron – 250 microns. 

Filters are sold in boxes of 10, 20, or 25.

Filters should be changed every time the water and soap is changed. The pressure gauge by the filters also indicates when filters need replacing.


Extra baskets may be purchased for any unit to make it easier to handle multiple jobs.

Absorbant Materials

Absorbant socks and pads are available for units with filtration.

Pro Air Turbine Oil

Units with lift tables use air compressors and require air turbine oil.
(Used with Pro 3624LT, 4230LT, 6030LT, 2315DT3A)

Pro Filtration Unit

A standalone filtration unit that can be used with any tabletop ultrasonic cleaner - Just plug and go - Filter your water and extend the life of your solution (change soap/water less frequently)